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The OTC Form 901-P is the total asset reporting form for the business entity. Maps Enclose a detailed map noting the location of all taxable assets. Inventories held for others or consigned must be reported separately. Inventory which may be exempt must be claimed on the Freeport Exemption Form OTC 901-F which should be filed with the OTC Form 901-P. Taxpayers Filing Form 901-P Attach a complete detailed listing of all taxable assets grouped by d...
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Yes No The property is a personal property tax abatement instrument to be used as follows (all properties: Type of Personal Property and Year of Acquisition, if any, are noted in bold): Description of Property Start here for a description of the property. Type of Personal Property Year of Acquisition Property Start here for a description of the property. If the property is real estate (if known), property type, property name, and property address are listed in parentheses. The total of this description or the Property Listing (if any), minus the total of any exemptions, and minus the amount of previous tax due is the basis on which the abatement is calculated. Exemption Amount The amount of the total basis of all previously assessed personal property abatement amounts, minus the total of exemptions, plus the amount of previous tax due, to be adjusted on the date of the property's assessment for future years and subsequent years. Tax Period All tax periods in which the abatement applies, if applicable. Beginning Tax Year (A) The tax year for which the tax payment is made (or for which the abatement is to be effective). Allowed Amount The amount that would otherwise be taxed under the abatement (or abatement if the abatement is to be effective but has not yet expired) under the same assessment year as the assessment. The amount of all taxes not withheld for purposes of calculating this amount is to be included as additional abatement tax. Excess Tax Paid (B) The tax amount that would otherwise be due for that tax period under the current assessment of the property (or under the provisions of the abatement if the abatement is to be effective, but the abatement does not apply to that property for that tax period), plus the sum of any prior abatement (if applicable), plus the amount of the abatement itself and the amount of any credits or reductions, if any, taken in respect of taxes for that tax period under this Act (if applicable); and the amount paid or to be paid as excess tax. This amount is subject to the interest allowed by the Legislature for overpaid tax. Credit or Reduction Amount The amount by which a credit or reduction would otherwise be assessed and credited against an assessment as tax otherwise due, plus the amount of the abatement and any credits or reductions taken in respect of taxes for that tax period under this Act (if applicable); and the amount paid or to be paid as excess tax.
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