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The OTC Form 901-P is the total asset reporting form for the business entity. Maps Enclose a detailed map noting the location of all taxable assets. Inventories held for others or consigned must be reported separately. Inventory which may be exempt must be claimed on the Freeport Exemption Form OTC 901-F which should be filed with the OTC Form 901-P. Taxpayers Filing Form 901-P Attach a complete detailed listing of all taxable assets grouped by d...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing otc 901 form
Your hi everyone this is our kit so in today's video we'll be looking like the entire process of f1 visa application, and we'll be seeing like a step-by-step process what we have to do after getting an admin so f1 visa is required for all the international student who wants to study in United States now it's made of March and I believe most of you have received your admit I feel few are still waiting but most of you have received fewer admits those who are lucky enough have also received the scholarship and few of them have also received the i-20 so first congratulations on getting admit and getting into the universities and believe me study in the United States is always a dream, and you have crossed one of the harder' there are many more to come but yeah you have closed one of the harder so again congratulations now those who does not know like where you will be seen like whether you have been received admit or not you can go back to the portal where you have applied in the portal itself the status will get changed, so you will be able to see whether you are accepted whether you are rejected whether you are in a waiting list or whether your replication is under review or whether your application is incomplete so unless it is used to get change so always go back to the portal where you have applied and you will be able to see the status also if you are getting and admit you will be getting an email from the University that congratulation you have been admitted to so-and-so University for so-and-so course now if you are getting a rejection then — you will get rejection letter from the University now those who are lucky enough you will also be getting the scholarship so scholarship may vary from 1000 to 5000 to 20000 and some time like if yes cooing Center of sin so a sane person scoring like in JRE fair scoring 340 out of 340 then you might be getting a full scholarship so if your entire fee is thirty thousand USD so it could be waved off but yeah those who have already received the scholarship so congratulation again to them now after getting and admit you need an i-20 from the university and why you need an i-20 so without an i-20 you cannot proceed further with the visa application so in order to proceed further with the f1 visa application you need an i-20 from the University and how you will be getting an i-20 from the University after getting and admit you have to submit all your financial document that could be education loan from the bank from NFC or you can show the liquid funding or saving of your parents saving from you account or Provident Fund account or could be fixed deposit, so you have to show funds to the University, so it's always advisable to show 15 time of cost of attendance amount example like the cost of attendance for entire year is thirty thousand, so it's always advisable to show 45 thousand US dollar so after showing the funds after submitting all the financial document your financial document will be reviewed by the...
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